Wayne Russell

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Wayne Russell, Clearwater, BC at ages 21 and 73
"The knowledge to have known enough to run for a Government Member of Parliament, Either Provincial or Federal. Why, you may ask. With a smile and the right people backing your play you can win. Once elected you have the best job in the world, you need to know absolutely nothing. Simply do as you are told by the party leader or the party whip, sit back and collect your paycheck. And a whopping great paycheck it will be, along with all your benefits paid by the taxpayers. Then you can feel great once you retire as the pension packages are the best in the world. You never need to pay for gas or travel, or even meals. In fact you can put in for all these things even if you don't use them as you need not save or produce any of your bills. Should you be caught doing something wrong, no problem, you are treated with a different set of laws than the taxpayers. What a great life you would have. If you really mess up and are kicked out, no problem, if you have kissed the right butts, you will be rewarded with one of the best jobs in the world. I wish I had known these things back then. But alas, I did not know and so I pay taxes on taxes until my dying day. Hell even beyond then, $700.00 HST on my funeral. "