A Death in Your Family: This 20-page booklet is a guide to the practical details you may need to address, in the short term, when a family member dies. It provides information on what to do first, making the funeral arrangements and many other important steps required.

Adult Guardianship: A guardian is someone who looks after another person, and sometimes, that person’s property. This available PDF download explains adult guardianship in BC. Topics include what is an adult guardian and why an adult may need a guardian.

Assistance with Funeral Costs: Discusses what funeral costs can be covered by the BC Ministry of Housing and Social Development if there are no other resources available. It describes who is eligible to apply and how to make the arrangements.

Being an Executor: This Canadian Bar Association information page discusses your duties as an executor under a will and what you have to do to probate an estate. Topics include What it means to probate an estate, deciding if you want to be the executor, hiring a lawyer and much more.

Death Registration and Certificates: This BC Ministry of Health resource includes answers to a number of important questions such as how to register a death, how to order a death certificate and how to change a death record. Also includes a funeral home search utility.

Death Without A Will: The Canadian Bar Association provides information regarding why you should have a will, and if you don’t, who looks after your estate and how it is divided if you die without one.

Elder Law, Elder Abuse and Seniors’ Rights: Legal information for seniors covering the rights of seniors to pensions and benefits, abuse and neglect of seniors (often called “elder abuse”), changing your will, options for appointing others to make financial and legal decisions and lending money to children or grandchildren.

The Death of Your Common-Law Partner: What happens when your common-law relationship ends because of the death of your partner? Some of your questions may be answered here with topics including pension and survivor benefits, the inheritance rights of children, your rights if your partner died with a will or in testate, and custody of children.

Wills and Estates: B.C. Provincial Government site providing information about wills and estates. It defines the more common words and phrases in legal documents, and answers many of the questions you might have about wills, probate, administration and estates. It also lists additional sources of help and information.

Wills Issues for Same-Sex Couples: This PDF download available on the Clicklaw.com website explains why same-sex couples need to pay attention to wills and planning for incapacity. Outlines steps to take in preparing a will, and options for future planning around the issue of incapacity.

Writing Your Will: This 8-page booklet PDF is a basic introduction to anyone who is thinking about writing a will. It explains when you should write a will, why you should write a will, what to put in a will, and how to cancel or change a will.